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Visa Petitions - Immigration Attorney Osas IyamuVisa Petitions - Immigration Attorney Osas Iyamu
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Immigrant Visa Petition

A Immigrant visa petition is the first step toward obtaining Lawful Permanent Residence status for a foreign-born individual or family member. It is usually filed by a United States citizen, Lawful Permanent Resident, or an Employer. Immigrant Visa petitions are adjudicated by United States citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS). An Immigrant visa Petition may be based on an Employment relationship or Family relationship.

There are limited numbers of Visas available for the different Categories of Immigrant Visa Petition Beneficiaries due to the fact that there are more applicants than visa available in certain categories. The result of this is a visa backlog with a waiting list.

Upon Approval Immigrant visa petitions are used as a vehicle for Immigrant visa at the consular post or Embassy or Adjustment of status-Green Card if in the Foreign Alien is in the United States.

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