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Affidavit Of Support for Permanent Resident Status-Green Card.

An intending immigrant is inadmissible as an alien likely to become a public charge, unless the qualified sponsor who filed the Visa petition or a substitute sponsor and, if necessary, a joint sponsor, has signed on behalf of the intending immigrant an affidavit of support in support of the immigrant Visa application or Adjustment of Status-Green Card Application to become a lawful permanent resident.

A public Charge is a person who is likely to become primarily dependent on the United States government for support.

An Affidavit of support is a contract in which the sponsor agrees to provide support to maintain the Intending Immigrant at an annual income of  125 % of the Affidavit of Support  poverty guideline or 100 %  if on active duty in the Armed Forces during the period in which the affidavit of support is enforceable. The consideration for the Affidavit of support Contract is the chance for the intending Immigrant to be admitted as a Lawful Permanent Resident.

The means to maintain an income of 125% or 100% of the Affidavit of support poverty Guideline can be shown by the Federal income tax return for the recent taxable year.

An Affidavit of support sponsor is the person who filed the visa petition and –

  1. Is a citizen or national of the United States or Lawful Permanent Resident of the United states.
  2. Is at least 18 years of age;
  3. Is domiciled in the United States,
  4. Is petitioning for the admission of the alien and
  5. Demonstrates the means to maintain an annual income equal to at least 125% or 100% percent of the Affidavit of Support poverty guideline.

An Affidavit of support sponsor also include a Joint Sponsor, substitute sponsor and co-sponsor who accepts joint and several liability together with the Principal Sponsor who filed the visa petition.

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