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Denaturalization of United States Citizens

Once applicants have satisfied the naturalization requirements and have taken the oath of allegiance, they are issued a certificate of Citizenship evidencing that they are United States Citizens. However, where there is evidence later suggesting that citizenship was illegally procured, the U.S. government may challenge the naturalized citizen’s certificate of citizenship and request its cancellation.

The United States government through its Immigration Agencies may commence cancellation or revocation of the certificate of citizenship where:

  1. There is evidence that the naturalization application was approved in error; or
  2. There was information unknown to U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service at the time of the application that would have had a material effect on the outcome of the naturalization application and would have proven that:
  • The application was based on fraud or misrepresentation or concealment of a material fact; or
  • The applicant was not, in fact, eligible for naturalization.

Upon such a determination the applicant will be required to surrender his or her certificate of naturalization. The certificate of naturalization will be canceled.

When a naturalized citizen experiences denaturalization, he or she reverts to the immigration status held prior to naturalization.

A denaturalize person may be subject to criminal prosecution for unlawful procurement of citizenship or naturalization.

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