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Paid Internship Opportunities

Our office is offering internship opportunities to self driven students interested in working and gaining experience in an immigration office setting. Accepted applicants would have an opportunity to perform a wide range of duties, based to their personal strengths.

Applicants must possess exemplary communication skills, not only to communicate effectively with the attorney, but also with fellow co-workers and clients.

Technology is an integral part of our office environment. It’s important that applicants have sufficient knowledge of how to navigate computers and various technologies.

All applicants must have an excellent academic record and no disciplinary issues.

Required Documents

To apply, please write a cover letter in support of your application, including areas you hope to be trained in, and a possible start date.Through the link below, upload the following documents accompanied by your cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Your current resume
  • Current school transcript
  • Evidence that you have been accepted into your school’s internship program (if applicable).
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