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"The service was satisfying. Recommended by Friends. The Officer at the embassy said that we did a good job putting all the papers together, all thanks to Osas."M. Murad
"Osas went above and beyond. She fully prepared us for our interview and we will forever recommend her to anyone requiring immigration advice and support."G. Laurin
"I highly recommend Mrs. Osas Iyamu. She did a great job on my case and I am very grateful for all of her hard work! She is a good communicator and she will always be available to answer any questions until the process is finished. I appreciated her assertiveness while dealing with my case officer when it appeared the process was stalled. If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer, look no further."L. Markel
"I chose Ms Iyamu because from our first telephone conversation, I felt confident that she knew immigration law. I had spoken with a couple of other immigration attorneys but she stood out. This lady is professional, direct, knowledgeable and was crucial in informing and helping me collect all the info needed to immigrate. She guided me from day one in the process. She collected the documents that I provided and filed my paperwork. I was fully prepared for my interview."F. Patterson
"She was recommended to me by a friend’s husband who is also an attorney. Osas is very dedicated to her clients. She helped us so much with what we call "our journey" getting my husband here to this country from another Country and then helping him with getting his Green card. We never could have done this without her professional help. She is an excellent Attorney. Thank You."I. Rouane and P. Rouane
"First, she understands the case and then prepares the case thoroughly to present to IMMIG dept."N. Sharma & P. Sharma.
"Someone introduced her to me, so I went to her for help. I will recommend her to anyone who has immigration issues because she is very helpful and knows what she is doing. Osas is a good lawyer."R. Trail.
"Thank you Osas, for your knowledge and help with getting us through the green card process. You are very accommodating, which we really appreciate. Osas has experience with being an immigrant herself."S. Vo
"She made what would have otherwise been a stressful experience easy and she made certain I was prepared for each and every step of the process."S. Miller.
"Attorney Iyamu is very professional and knowledgeable in her profession.I will at any time recommend her."S. Houghton.
"Mrs. Iyamu was an excellent attorney who helped us throughout the entire immigration process. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and made the whole process much easier for me and my husband. We plan to use her services for all future immigration needs. Thank you so much for being such a great help!"D. Eaton
"Referred by my relative due to your excellent work with them. Quality of legal advice given, excellent. Promptness of services received, very Good. Responsiveness to telephone and email inquiries excellent."R. Mushtaha
"She seems very professional and knowledgeable about immigration since the start. A friend told us about her. She always took time enough for us to understand everything and how it needed to be done. She's very personal, she shows interested about our case. She always communicates with us by phone or e-mail about our case. Very organized, responsible and professional."K. Smith
"I was extremely impressed with Mrs. Osas's knowledge of immigration law, and even more impressed how quickly it took for her to help me gain my American Citizenship! I would definitely refer to anyone in need of immigration law help to her office."L. Enciu.
"Excellent! She is master of her profession. I chose law offices of Osas because of excellent services. Heard about her through a family member. I needed someone to give me professional advice and lead me in the right direction, one who has knowledge about immigration, which was you.You did a good job. Your services were excellent and we appreciate it. Best immigration services with great results. Very Satisfied!"E. Diamond
"Well, Law office of Osas Iyamu was recommended to my aunt by another satisfied customer. Mrs Osas Iyamu is a patient lady, she give advice then she listens to you, in return she try to do it your way and for that, I have a lot of respect for her and I will happily recommend her to anyone with surety. Excellent work keep it up"R. Francis
"Our experience with Ms. Osas Iyamu was the best, she is very professional and very knowledgeable concerning Immigration Laws and she made sure that we were prepared for our green card interview from the beginning to the end and we had a very successful outcome. I would recommend her to anyone."L. Adams-Stevens
"I chose her because in our first meeting she was so knowledgeable of how the process was going to be handle. Also her rates where reasonable."L. Sabino
"I would recommend lawyer Osas because of her excellent service and prompt response to my case. In our consultation, lawyer Osas was very good with explaining in detail about my case. Very good lawyer."S. Resnick.
"I can't thank Attorney Osas Iyamu enough for the excellent service she has rendered to myself with my immigration fight. She is very professional yet sympathetic and warm, very accommodating and explains issues very well leaving no questions and doubts in my mind unanswered. Distance was not an issue for her to render excellent service to me while I was exiled in the Philippines. We communicated by phone and emails even beyond her office hours. Her excellent service led to the approval of my parole, which brought me back to the United States to be reunited with my husband after my being exiled in the Philippines due to my previous immigration violations. Parole, then waiver, I would say it was a rough road to a green card. But with Attorney Osas it became a reality. On Dec.22 of this year 2015 I received my wonderful gift from Jesus, my green card. Affordable payment plan for legal fees. Sincere and accommodating. Came across her on the internet. Thank you for the excellent service. Very Satisfied."L. Greer
"I chose Osas Iyamu because She explained everything in a way that I could understand. I appreciated how you made me feel like I was the only client you had. Your the Best!!"J. Jimenez.
"Ms. Osas was able to help us after we had the experience of hiring a gentleman who was not an attorney to prepare our documents. She was able to take the case and correct the mistakes that the gentleman made and she was able to help us through it and ultimately have approval for my husband's green card. She was flexible with my schedule and the hours that I worked. And she was able to help us to prepare for the interview. We chose Mrs. Iyamu because we found that she was the most knowledgeable attorney we found about the case that we had, she gave us all the information up front in our consultation and told us what our options would be. We researched on the internet and found her. Very Satisfied."Y. Jarrett
"My experience with Attorney Osas Iyamu was excellent, and I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of immigration services. She is knowledgeable, very personable, easy to talk to, excellent communicator pays attention to all the important details and stayed on top of every detail. I expected my citizenship process to take about a year. However, with Attorney Osas Iyamu expertise, it only took me six months. Now that is a job well done!!! Thank you very much."E. Mwai
"From the first day I met with attorney Iyamu, I had no doubt in my mind. Our experience has been excellent. We chose Attorney Iyamu because she is very organized, very knowledgeable and passionate about immigration law. Found her via the internet. Very Satisfied with her services"K. Jarrett
"I chose the Law offices of Osas Iyamu because she work with my parents and sister and she did such a great job. Mrs. Osas Iyamu’s services where excellent, she went above and beyond for us in our case. We know she has a lot more clients, but with the attention and care she gave to our case, we felt we where her only clients. She was fast, reliable and a blessing to our family."D. Zapata
"The Attorney is very professional and has a lot of experience. We will recommend her to others for their immigration case. We heard about her thru recommendations from other people. We Chose her for her professionalism and experience. Very Satisfied."A. Kroitor
"While we initially sought consultation from a couple other local offices, I felt that Iyamu, was very straight forward and confident. I remember, at the beginning, how much detail and documentation Ms. Iyamu kept asking from us. Now, in retrospect, i can see why. My wife went to her interview a few days ago, and yes she had even more supporting documents in hand. The immigration officer exclaimed to my wife, laughingly, "you have more than enough as it is, we don't need any more papers from you". As Ms. Iyamu had told us from the beginning "let the supporting documents do all the talking" and that was exactly the case with us. My wife's interview was over and approved in under 5 minutes! Approved in the end, and prepared from the beginning. Thank you Ms. Iyamu."A. Shah
"Ms. Osas Iyamu is fantastic and very professional. She also treats her clients like family.She took the time to get to know our situation and explained everything good and bad.I would recommend any one to her."N. Bailey
"We were looking for an Immigration Attorney in our area, Law Offices of Osas Iyamu, LLC made the best impression. Osas will not let you go without being 150% prepared. Be ready for a lot of work under a great supervisor which can only lead to success."L. Broehm
"Dear Lawyer Osas,
Thank you for shepherding us through the green card process. At every turn you were helpful.If I stop to think about the specific nature of that helpfulness, I would emphasize the following:
  • You are knowledgeable of Immigration Laws with its many intricacies;
  • You were personable and attentive at every turn, giving us a feeling that we were your only clients;
  • You understand the timing of the process-what should be done when;
  • You were thorough, for instance in all aspects of preparing the application forms, in overseeing the collection of supporting evidence to be submitted to  USCIS, and in ensuring that we knew the kind of questions we would be asked in our interview;
  • You were prompt in responding to all communication, often replying on the same day. This is refreshing, reassuring, and a confidence builder for your clients.
When the examining officer complimented us more that once on the careful preparation of our case, we could only say “thank you Lawyer Osas”"B. Carr & C. Carr.
"Ms. Osas, is the BEST!! She's a very friendly, knowledgeable and professional lawyer. Immediately upon meeting her, you get the sense of someone who not only wants to represent you, but also someone who genuinely desires the best for you as well. She exhibits a lot of patience and explains everything to the last detail. The feedback from the many satisfied clients she has successfully represents says it all and more. In fact, they (the feedback), does little justice to the actual input and work she does. She tends to go above and beyond to ensure that you achieve the result you retain her for. I should know, because due to the nature of my case and having retained two previous lawyers, she was the one who made it happen. I didn't even attend an interview; my green card was actually mailed to me...I'm still coming to terms regarding what happened due to the unbelievable work she did! Do to the nature of my case being a conditional green card holder and recently divorced, I did some extensive research as to who best could represent me. As a matter of fact, the expiration date for my green card was fast approaching and my divorce had not yet been finalized, hence the complicated nature of my case. The feedback I read about Ms. Osas prompted me to retain her services. I did not regret it one bit."J. Dawkins
"Osas Iyamu was very thorough in gathering all the relevant documentation pertaining to our relationship and subsequent marriage to be submitted to USCIS. The interview went very smoothly and we felt that this was, in great part, due to her hard work in preparing our application. Thank you Osas."Veloso
"Ms. Iyamu knows exactly what she's doing and she is very acknowledgeable. Ms. Iyamu is very kind personality, easy to approach. Heard of her through my friend. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you so much for making my dream come true."P. Letbetter
"Very Satisfied. Chose her because she is near to my house and for the bilingual services. Heard of her through my church. Excellent service and accompaniment. Thank you so much."N. Gomez
"Excellent Services! Very Satisfied! Osas is excellent in her field and provides, prompt and efficient legal counsel on immigration services. You can't find a better service and person! Excellent and works above and beyond what you might require and great advice and explanations. Found her by accident, right next door to our accountant. Thank you Osas for all you did for me, you are the best at what you do!"B. Taylor
"The best service! Professional, efficient, personal interest in helping me thank you so much! When I did my research I found she had the best-recommended comments in town. My daughter chose and recommend her. Thank you for your support and the best service ever!"M. Espinal
"Very professional, Miss Osas took our case like her own. She assisted every single step with patience, explaining every single issue, reasonable price. I referred her to my friend who already is in process with his case. I can say if you want to have a good lawyer then you just found the best person. I found her on the internet by myself."O. Nowak
"She is the best LAWYER EVER!!!!! We appreciate her and everything that she has done!!!!!! Thank You! After our FIRST meeting with her, we knew she was the one!!!!!! I am glad we found her!"A. Williams
"Ms. Osas Iyamu made sure that we where prepared for our interview. She covered all possible questions that we might be asked. I felt very confident and relaxed when I went to our interview. Ms. Iyamu is a very pleasant person but strict and straight to the point and gets the job done. We recommend her highly."N. Webber
"After the first interview, I was impressed with the knowledge of the process. my wife commented that in the final interview that she had four times as many documents as the other women that were there for interviews. Very confident and likable person. Very Satisfied."D. Agrippa
"We found you in the phone book as a local Attorney, and had a good initial experience.I received green card today. Thank you!!!!"H. Takahashi.
"Handled my wife case for citizenship very professionally. Kept us informed through out the process and was always available for questions and concerns we had. Highly recommend."Raph C.
"I would highly recommend them – They helped us through the process of getting residency with good advice and kept us up-to-date with progress. Their approach was disciplined, informative and kind throughout. A well-deserved big thank you."Neil L.
"Excellent I recmendemen immigration osas Lyme any one that have case with immigration her staff is very helpful very nice very intelligent all way ready to answer all y question may the Lord bless her business thank ms stephens"Geraldine S.
"She's like a mother to me, she is a very sweet person rough wen she needs to and taking Care of the needs to get were we need"Leonardo C.
"I have been coming to Osas for all my immigration needs for 5 years now and wouldn't consider going to anyone else. Highly recommend her. She not only has amazing professionalism but she is very much personally invested in each of her clients. Thank you for everything."Michelle R.
"An immigration attorney truly cares about her clients. She and all of her staff are very professional and friendly"Mike Mc.
"Very Professional and efficient execution of my green card renewal. Highly recommend Osas. Thank you!"Bruce T.
"Incredible professionalism and understanding team. I cannot tell you how happy my family was with her services. I highly recommend the office of Law offices of Osas Lyamy LLC to anyone in need."Eric R.
"We were very impressed with the professionalism of this firm. We were always treated with great respect and we never had to wait for attention."Jennifer V.
"Osas is great lawyer very honest sincere professional, at first, I was kind of afraid to deal with any lawyer after I met Osas my experience has changed to the positive, she has done a great job"Mo Zak
"Attorney Osas Iyamu is very thorough and she pays great attention to details. The Law Offices of Osas Iyamu was a perfect match for me because Ms. Osas also once had a similar experience with immigration. This gave me the confidence I needed to bring my immigration matters to her. My father-in-law located her and said that she was local and very reasonable. Very Satisfied."E. Arnold
"I would highly recommend them. They helped us through the process of getting residency with good advice and kept us up-to-date with progress. Their approach was disciplined, informative and kind throughout. A well-deserved BIG thank you 🙂 We searched on the internet and this seemed to be the best choice for service and location and subsequently through an affirming referral from another couple who said good things. I think we liked the fact that they concentrate exclusively on immigration matters." N. Lumby
"She is the best LAWYER EVER!!!!! We appreciate her and everything that she has done!!!!!! Thank You! After our FIRST meeting with her, we knew she was the one!!!!!! I am glad we found her!"A. Williams
"Thanks to Mrs. Iyamu & her staff, according to the immigration interviewer, we had one of the most complete packets they could have asked for. Her preparation perfect!"Tom W.
"Dear Attorney Osas Iyamu, As a grateful and satisfied Mother extends thanks of behalf of my son. You are honest and thorough. There were times when I felt unsure and called your office,I was treated as a person and not a number. I will recommend you highly having experienced your knowledge and confidence. I wish you and your staff continued success."Sharon B.
"First of all, I have never met a more reliable, polite, punctual and effective attorney than Ms. Osas. The reason why she is so effective is that she does ALL the WORK that you hire her for by herself. Ms. Osas is very hard working, knowledgeable and dependable. She helped me turn things around for myself and I am glad that I chose her to represent me.She gave me peace of mind during the time of post-interview scrutiny and thanks to her I am a US Citizen now. She is simply the best and I highly recommend her services"Hatem A.
"This was a wonderful experience to work with Lawyer Osas. Very easy to work with. Courteous staff. Very knowledgeable in their preparation. My wife and I are forever grateful. Thank you Osas"Errol G.
"Most honest and caring person I have ever meet. She knows the law and will not lie or sugar coat anything. She will fight for her clients till they have the outcome she knows they qualify for. She gives to your straight and would never get your hopes up like others do. This is her passion and her calling. Most of all she is a wonderful Godley woman that's walks his path"Amanda H.
" I am very grateful for your service. The most important thing for me is that, if he doesn't have a chance, he is told what is not."Daniel T.
"We choose this firm because on our first initial meeting/consultation, it was very informative and we could see she was very knowledgably in the industry on immigration etc. The services we were provided was excellent. She was very supportive, very informative, up to date knowledgeable on all our needs required. We would highly recommend Mrs. Osas Iyamu service to anyone in Need."E. Reese
"Very good experience. Thank you."L. Osinski
"We found your number in the Yellow Pages and on our first meeting, we felt comfortable and felt sure we would be successful. Not only did Osas give us great advice and helped us, she has become a friend. I am very glad we found her."L. Jaworski
"Osas, we thought your service was wonderful and could not have been better. Sylvia and I would like to thank you for your organization, advice and coaching which helped us with our application and ensured that we were successful. We would have found it very difficult without your expertise. Thank you. We will let you know when I receive my 'Green Card'"J. Butler
"She is a Christian Lawyer and very professional."J. Zapata
"Osas is a true professional and really cares about her clients. We would recommend her to anyone with immigration needs."C. Small
"Attorney was very good with the help she gave us. Being an immigrant lawyer & an immigrant herself. I know I can trust her with my kid’s case because she knows what we want for our family (be together). She really understands that... Very Satisfied."J. Carey
"Osas was ready, willing and able to assist us in a timely manner. She was knowledgeable, honest and hardworking. She prepared us for our interview which ending up going very well. We would not hesitate to recommend Osas to any of our friends or family. We felt comfortable with her during our first consultation and felt as if she was a good fit for us. Very Satisfied. Found her through online research of immigration attorney's in our area."K. Mkhwane
"Everything was great, took us a while to get this done but that was not her fault, I learned this system takes a while. But I have recommended her to others. I chose her office because I needed help getting my wife legally into the country. I had used another office before and they were closing and not taking any more clients they told me to call this office."J. Kucej
"Highly recommended! Made such a difficult process go so smoothly and professionally. With the field, I work in, it's very difficult to manage this process by myself."C. Perry
"I honestly loved having Osas as my attorney. From the moment I stepped foot in her office with my mom a year before I took her services I knew that she was the best. A year later I was reminded of what a great person and attorney she was. She not only helped me legally but also emotionally. What I really loved was that she did not sugar code or hide anything from me. I was told everything from the very beginning and she treated me with respect. Being younger I feel like it is sometimes hard to get someone to treat you with the same respect that they would have towards another adult. Overall wonderful."M. Scala
" Kelvin and Cheryl Klein like to say a big thank you to Osas for the hard work she put into our case and her dedication. Well done Osas on getting me through this. Also her real nice personality. We are happy for everything she gave to us and made my dream happen. Basically, she was the only person who could deal with our situation. Very good at her job. She is a professional at her work. I’m so grateful to have chosen her. God bless her. Chose her because she has good work ethics. Found her online. We were happy on her professional manner in dealing with our case and are very thankful for her service."K. Klein
"We initially applied for a Fiancé Visa which we successfully received through our own efforts but reached an impasse when applying for a green card. After two failed attempts we elected to employ Ms. Iyamu's services, and having her handle our permanent residency request, we felt very confident we would receive it. Many thanks to Ms. Iyamu for her time and expertise. Ms. Iyamu is very thorough and took great care and a professional but also personal interest in our case and in preparing us for our interview which we successfully passed resulting in our case being approved. She does her homework and expects her clients to do theirs. It was great pleasure to meet her and have her work with and for us."D. Salas & A. Motovilova
"Attorney Osas respond on time & work hard."S. Heang.
"I felt thoroughly confidant with everything Osas said and she made the procedure worry-free. We saw the office when visiting the Tax Office and decided to try there. By seeing the sign at the office. Very Satisfied!"W. Carnell
"My Sister found you in the Phone Book, so we went to see you and you did very good, Thanks."S. Doucet
"My experience with Mrs. Osas was great, she not only knows very much about immigration laws she will definitely make sure that you are prepared with your case. She is a wonderful person and I would recommend her to everyone. Very Satisfied! When my husband and I had our consultation with Mrs. Osas we felt a positive energy with her. She is very knowledgeable about immigration laws. Found her on google."K. Campbell
"The interviewer at the (USCIS) said that we were over equipped with information for our case, and this all is because of your sensitive acts of Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Professional Impartiality and Due Diligence of our case without Conflict, We thank you and your office Ms, Osas Iyamu."R. Dunn & E. Dunn.
"Very Satisfied! Chose her because she is excellent. Heard about her through my husband."G. Obando
“Thanks to Mrs. Iyamu & her staff, according to the immigration interviewer, we had one of the most complete packets they could have asked for. Her preparation is perfect!”Henry X.