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Form I-865: Compliance and Address Updates for Affidavit of Support Sponsors

  • By: Immigration Attorney Osas Iyamu
  • Published: June 19, 2023
Form I-865, Sponsor's Notice of Change of Address,


Form I-865, Sponsor’s Notice of Change of Address, is a critical requirement for sponsors who have signed an Affidavit of Support (Form I-864) to assist immigrants in their journey toward lawful permanent residency in the United States. In this blog post, we will explore the purpose of Form I-865, its connection to the Affidavit of Support, and provide a guide on completing the form accurately.

The Purpose of Form I-865

The primary purpose of Form I-865 is to inform the USCIS about a sponsor’s change of address. Sponsors who have previously completed Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, must report any changes in their address within 30 days if the sponsorship agreement is still in effect.

When to Use Form I-865

Sponsors should use Form I-865 whenever they have changed their address, and the sponsorship agreement is still active. The sponsorship agreement remains in force until the sponsored immigrant achieves one of the following conditions:

  1. They become U.S. citizens.
  2. They receive credit for 40 quarters of work.
  3. If they permanently depart the United States and formally abandon their lawful permanent resident status.
  4. If they are in a removal proceeding and lose the lawful permanent resident status obtained through the sponsor’s Form I-864
  5. If the sponsored immigrant passes away. 

These conditions determine the duration of the sponsorship agreement, highlighting the importance of understanding the responsibilities and implications involved in being an affidavit of support sponsor.

Address Change for Lawful Permanent Resident Sponsors

Suppose a sponsor is a lawful permanent resident. In that case, it is essential to note that they must follow specific requirements regarding address changes. In addition to filing Form I-865, the sponsor must also comply with the change of address requirement stated in 8 CFR 265.1. This means that they are obligated to notify the USCIS of their new address within 10 days of moving from their previous residence. This can be done using form AR-11 at

Filing and Fee

There is no fee associated with filing Form I-865; it should be filed with the appropriate USCIS office. 

Retaining Records and Supporting Documentation

It is essential to keep a copy of the completed Form I-865 and evidence that you sent the original notice to USCIS. Retain copies of shipping labels, receipts, or any other documentation that confirms you complied with the address change requirement.

Importance of Accuracy and Compliance

Ensure that you provide accurate and complete information on Form I-865. Knowingly providing false information or submitting fraudulent documents can lead to severe penalties and potential legal consequences.


Form I-865 plays a vital role in maintaining accurate records of affidavit of support sponsors’ addresses during the sponsorship period. By promptly notifying the USCIS of address changes, sponsors fulfill their responsibilities and help ensure effective communication with immigration authorities. 

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