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Children of Immigrants, read this story before sponsoring your parents to come to the U.S!

  • By: Immigration Attorney Osas Iyamu
  • Published: August 29, 2022
Immigrant Family.

I had a client Mr. A, wanting to sponsor his elderly parents to come live in the U.S. I explained the process, and he was very eager to go ahead. We filed the green card applications, and they eventually came back approved!
His parents arrived in the U.S. and were loving it… at first. After some time they decided they wanted to go back to their country– “just to visit”
They continued to travel back and forth, and eventually lost their green card due to abandonment because they were spending more time in their country than in the U.S. Mr. A was quite bitter– he had spent a lot of money and effort trying to get the green card for them. But the parents just felt happier in their country!
Later down the line, the parents contacted their son and said… “We want to come back and live in the U.S. Will you sponsor us again?” What do you think he did???
The moral of the story is… be SURE that anyone you are sponsoring really WANTS to live in the U.S and actually likes it here. Starting with a visiting visa is always a good idea!

Osas Iyamu

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