Substitute Sponsor

Use of Substitute sponsor to Meet Affidavit of Support Requirement for Permanent Resident Status-Green Card.

In a family-sponsored case, if the visa petitioner dies after approval of the visa petition, but the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services-USCIS determines, that for humanitarian reasons it would not be appropriate to revoke approval of the visa petition, then a substitute sponsor may sign the Affidavit of Support Form I–864.

The substitute sponsor must meet all the requirements of this section that would have applied to the visa petitioner, had the visa petitioner survived and been the sponsor.

The substitute sponsor’s household income must equal at least 125% of the Affidavit of support Poverty Guidelines for the substitute sponsor’s household size, If the substitute sponsor’s household income is not sufficient to meet the income requirements, the alien will be inadmissible unless a joint sponsor signs an affidavit of support.

Income must equal at least 125% of the Poverty Guidelines for the joint sponsor’s household size.

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