Enforcement of Affidavit of Support Obligation

Enforcement of Affidavit Of Support Obligation  for Permanent Resident Status-Green Card.

An action to enforce an affidavit of support may be brought against the sponsor

  1. By a sponsored alien, with respect to financial support; or
  2. By the appropriate entity of the Federal Government, a State or any other nongovernmental entity with respect to reimbursement.

The sponsor, as a party to the contract, may bring suit to enforce the contract against a co-sponsor house hold member who has signed Form I-864A Contract between Sponsor and Household member.

The intending immigrants and any Federal, state, or local agency or private entity that provides a means-tested public benefit to an intending immigrant are third party beneficiaries of the contract between the sponsor and household members on whose income the sponsor relies and may bring an action to enforce the contract against the household member.

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