Permanent Resident Status outside the U.S.

Getting Permanent Resident Status Outside the U.S through Immigrant Visa.

Applicants with an approved Immigrant Visa Petition may choose to pursue Permanent resident Status if outside the U.S through consular processing of an Immigrant Visa.

The Approved Immigrant Visa Petition filed by a family member, employer or based on investment in the U.S is sent by U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services to the National Visa Processing Center and thereafter to the American Embassy for the applicant’/beneficary’s interview for the Immigrant Visa.

Upon approval and issuance of the Immigrant Visa at the Embassy, such applicant/beneficiary is admitted into the U.S as a Permanent resident of the U.S and thereafter issued a green card as evidence of his or her status.

Whether an Applicant is seeking Lawful Permanent Resident Status in the U.S through adjustment of status or Outside the U.S through Immigrant Visa at a Consulate or Embassy. The general requirement for lawful Permanent resident status must be met.

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