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“As an immigrant, you don’t feel like a person until somebody recognizes you”

“You don’t feel like a person until somebody recognizes you.” As an immigrant myself I always make it my priority to make other immigrants feel truly at home at Law

Several Immigration Offices Close Due to Hurricane Ian

Due to the imminent Hurricane Ian, several immigration offices throughout Florida have temporarily closed their doors. This means that any biometrics appointments and immigration interviews (for the dates & locations

3 Things You Need To Do If You Want To Study Here in the U.S. 📚🇺🇸

Looking to study abroad here in the United States? 📚🇺🇸Here is an overview of the F-1 Student Visa Process: 1) Find and apply to a school in the US authorized

At What Step in the Naturalization Process Do you Become a U.S Citizen? 🇺🇸

At every step of the naturalization process you are closer and closer to being a U.S citizen! 🇺🇸 Just remember that actual citizenship comes with the naturalization certificate at your

Happy Labor Day from Law Offices of Osas Iyamu, LLC!

Wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day ! 💼Take today to appreciate your hard work as well as that of those around you!

The Start of the Second Venezuelan TPS Period Approaches

The second period of Venezuelan TPS starts September 10th, 2022! REMEMBER, you must have applied for the initial TPS period to be eligible for this extension. If you have not

September Immigration Office Saturday Opening!

It is September! Happy New Month! 😀Our Saturday opening for this month will be on September 24th from 11 am to 3 pm. This is a time for new clients

Children of Immigrants, read this story before sponsoring your parents to come to the U.S!

I had a client Mr. A, wanting to sponsor his elderly parents to come live in the U.S. I explained the process, and he was very eager to go ahead.

Let’s Move Your Immigration Case Along with #ExpeditedProcessing

Immigration processes can have some crazy waiting times, but sometimes you just need your case to move a little faster! 🏃 My client above had a pending Immigrant visa (green

One Reason Why I Love Practicing Immigration Law

This is just one of the many reasons I love what I do! Happy Monday! 😊–––#immigration #immigrationlawyer #immigrantvisa #immigrationattorney #citizenship #greencard #immigrationservices #immigrationnews #immigrationhelp #studentvisa #osasimmigration #uscis #uscitizenship #nvc #expeditedprocessing #K1Visa #immigrationconsultation #greencardattorney

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